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Burberry situation is excellent, Juicy Handbags  the company reported first-quarter sales rose 30.6% overall, in addition to Spain, all regions and are double-digit increase in sales channels.

Burberry said that as of June 30 of last quarter, the company increased sales from 216 million pounds to 2.82 billion pounds, equivalent to $ 420,000,000.

Chief Financial Officer Stacey Cartwright said in an interview acknowledged that Burberry's sales last year is weak. Downturn in the market, customer inventory reductions, income growth of 8%, not bad compared to the other brands. 30.6% while the rate of increase can be described as very high quality.

She said: "The brand's advantage comes from, except for new stores to the original store sales rose 10% year on year, sales of department stores has exceeded our expectations."

Burberry in the UK, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other regions of the sales are very good. However, the American market to be further excavated, Gucci Handbags  the Americas store sales growth of only a few.

CEO Angela Ahrendts recent statement, the company plans to open in the current financial year 20-30 new stores in the Americas and Asia Pacific region based.

Last quarter, retail sales grew by 21%, wholesale sales increased 36%, 51% sales growth to join. The reasons for sales growth due to delivery time, goods logistics and supply chain efficiency.

In addition to sales growth, due to reduced sales promotion activities, so also has shown good profit growth momentum. The sales growth was mainly affected by large-scale promotion of leather goods and handbags.

Currently, Burberry has closed factories in Spain. Coach Handbags And said that Asian markets worth the wait. Asian sales rose 27%, more than the original expectations.
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