New Era Caps
Want to become a hair Baseball caps  ? Mad Hatter borrow the skills to achieve it!

Weird, madness, but the emphasis friendship, to make hats as a faith - "Alice in Wonderland", Johnny Depp played the "Mad Hatter" for the movie considerably. And when the moment will be able to see him make a room full of dazzling hat, which is very impressive - this time, let us work together to follow the "Mad Hatter", play a return to "trick."

Whether it is hot in summer or cold winter, hat in today is no longer only for shade and keep warm, and it is the most distinctive "personality Declaration." If fashion publication emerged in the atmosphere more to "cap" to take people's situation, and that closely follow the trend, how can you stand still, DIY Creative design of the hat is a kingly fashion.

Step1 collection of materials:

Rummaging in your closet or an obsolete no longer have to wear compression deformity of the hat, round the top of the best (in order to facilitate the tailoring, perfect for the hat can not do too soft.) Of course, the hat because it is abandoned, or the price is very cheap, so DIY can secure enough to "sabotage", with this hat to your whim heavily armed. Also a cheap hair bands. Of course, in addition to raw materials, scissors and glue gun is an essential tool artifacts. Perhaps, to some small decorative details, you also need some colored feathers,NFL Caps and some ribbon bows made of, then the hat will be monotonous, "whitewash" themselves.

Step2 officially started:

Cut along the center of the hat, the hat and cut in half. Then, align the center position, with a glue gun to the hoop and carefully glue the hat, you have successfully put a hat into a headdress. Of course, the remaining half of the hat and do not waste, you can do the same, change to another color headband with a different kind of style, or be creative about it, the summer, winter hat with a wool hat, playing a play mix and match. You can set the hat the entire outside of the stocking cap, different colors, different directions can be used with different LOOK, short-brimmed hat of the small dome of exquisite grace and stocking cap, warm golden ratio to reconcile, we must beat you on the street eye-catching.

Step3 icing on the cake:

Mop-up work is also very important, can be icing on the cake for your home-made hat, the finishing touch. Choose small accessories, the feather is a good choice. Whether the Indians like feathers on a hat, like untamed; or Kazakh girls like peacock feathers on hats in general, noble and generous, glue a few feathers in the hat is a beautiful landscape. If not, what specifically needs with color, it is recommended not to buy natural color dyed feathers, looks relatively simple, but also look better. Depending on your personal preferences gorgeous feathers with glue to order, colors around the turn glued to the brim, and finally produced a small ribbon bow cover up flaws in some of the glue, so seamless was. No longer the envy of the late 19th century American ladies as the birds of the feather headgear a totally natural that the noble and elegant, as long as you have enough ideas, whether retro or gothic style Bohemian style of uninhibited freedom,NBA Caps  you can Xinshou build.
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