New Era Caps
These days, Twitter enthusiasts shouted above the LV brand products recently introduced some of the letters resembles the birth in 1896, Juicy Handbags interwoven canvas, and some like most of that section of the 1930 LV logo printed handbags, in short, with current female stars They wear on the vip party is different.

In fact, this is not just a LV, the European luxury goods companies are all large-scale re-launch of those classic, it will be to use the brand heritage as a way to communicate with consumers, but also those by the financial crisis in the fight against the temptation the consumers.

Gucci Patrizio di Marco, president and CEO, said: "Consumers are now used for luxury brands more cautious approach. If we are not part of the history as a company, it will be a major mistake. Now is to show us a golden opportunity to own brand of history. customers want to buy is not to die with a half a year or unpopular things, he wants us to provide substantial value to products. "

To see what the big to go retro in line recently:

LV - wallets are launched in the spring to reproduce the original style 100 years ago.

Dior - the redeployment of the 50's classic perfume, is the result of René Gruau was introduced in an ad, flavor, including Eau Fraiche (1953), Diorissimo (1956), Diorella (1972) and Dioressence (1979).

Prada - recently launched a 708 books devoted to tell their own history, content, focus mainly on the past 30 years, but also marks the general trend is backward review.

Gucci - in addition to those classic products launched, in December also sponsored the European Equestrian Events. Gucci relations with the European equestrian competition dates back to 1921, and this is 80 years since the first contact between the two.

Hermès - 4 月 3 Day will host the Grand Palais in Paris, equestrian show, underlining the brand's history: 1837, brand building, began as a brand of equestrian equipment, and now is an internationally renowned luxury brand, we can see deep in its history.

Why is everything in the past to move closer to it?

Professionals that: "The financial crisis, consumers want the product not the glamorous, the luxury brand positioning is the best in terms of tradition and history. Luxury brands to convey an idea to the customers: their products are long-term value. Gucci Handbags This is in response to increasingly cautious approach to consumers. "

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