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In 1906, a man named Guccio? wholesale Louis Vuitton Handbags Gucci (Guccio Gucci) of the Italian young man to leave his hometown of Florence, was removed to London, in the famous Savoy hotel luggage to find a job. Guests per day between the first line with a senior here, in the hands of a large suitcase, suitcase, hat box ... ... is made of leather, and beautifully carved and engraved with the initials just like the British upper-class gathering place, This allows Guccio eye-opener.

Before long, this clever young man to know the line head according to the guests determine their wealth and taste. 16 years later, in 1922, Guccio learned in London with his vision and a savings to return to Italy, in Florence's most famous high-end boutiques Street, opened the first leather goods shop - is called Gucci.Wholesale Gucci Handbags In 1939, Gucci's four sons have joined, Gucci has transformed the family business career.

In 1953 the first overseas branch in Manhattan opened its 58th Avenue, Gucci also became an international brand. It is worth mentioning that, Gucci is the ancestor of today's product brand, in order to protect the quality, it will be the brand name printed on their products, this is the first in the history of the world fashion. 50,60 years of last century, Gucci has attracted, including Ge Lisi? Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline?

Kennedy and Duchess of Windsor, a large number of celebrity customers, number 0633 of the bamboo to handbags, with a "mini-Flora "Flower of the scarf, and 360 models deerskin flat boots, until now still been regarded as a classic.

Gucci family business in the last 70 years actually reached a historical peak, "New York Times" This period is called "Gucci Mania" (Gucci crazy), and described in the text Gucci fanatic: "wearing the face the GUCCI sunglasses, Gucci scarves tied around his neck, shoulders carry a Gucci bag, wearing a wrist watch GUCCI, GUCCI leather wearing underwear, a pair of Gucci shoes, feet, of course. "The development of family businesses brought within struggle, the next decade, Gucci drama of struggle for power within the family escalated, from the strife into open struggle; and Gucci brands began to decline due to negligent care. wholesale Juicy Handbags Not concern much the franchise agreements and brand development plan to Gucci to the mass market.
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