New Era Caps
In the cold winter, hat hair done with the trend of a single product, and never out of date. A personalized fashion hair design, with various models of the U.S. cap,Monster Energy caps  but also Japanese MM are autumn and winter hair will learn the killer, especially this year, many popular hairstyles of the key elements, want to have the trend of hair personalized look, to learn Japanese beauty of the 100 hairstyles U.S. cap with it, fashionable and convenient foreign flavor warm!
Side bangs hair exposed in the wool cap with both modified face hair, and limitless landscape, remember that non-mainstream school was put on his hat YY MM's is enough cute hairstyle.

Japanese hair with a variety of brightly colored wool cap Japanese hair will be tied into two braids hair simple, pure and simple without losing the hair, which is rapidly become one of the young coup it.

Messy hair and black hat, set off, hats on the ladies hair accessories, hair is very retro feel, exposing Qi Liu charm to create a style trend.

Distinctive black wool cap decorative rivet embellishment, creating a sense of the trend of hair, with the messy heads of the two buds and a sense of this trend, casual look cute hairstyle.
Sir pink plaid cap, thick black stripe three-dimensional ribbon bow on a very delicate, so Western style of hat is most suitable for the same style of gloss BOB England head with short hair.

Want to party in a color, hair + hat has been the MM are the Baseball caps  first of the latest hairstyles, but comb the hair scraped off with a large volume of a fluffy, hair style trend that absolutely will not let you drown in the crowd.

With the long hair of the cape may be the best choice, the larger curl curls gently around my shoulders and will not appear cumbersome it! Elegant and lively plaid hat bring out the charm of youth.
Japanese MM favorite mocha hair color, short hair, thick and curly hair with a short outline of the perfect hair Guapi Mao cute, very cute round Guapi Mao as a whole, especially for the temperament of a sweet little girl hair.

Beautiful quality silk bow embellishment this Guapi Mao, with the most fashionable section pear head short hair, Japanese MM with the exclusive personal beauty!

Golden brown short hair and curly hair, curly hair and is a little wool cap with Japanese hair, much like a trendy doll. Japanese hair like that every Japanese MM's favorite.

Although this form to send a very lady hair, but black tail + black hat, red bow because of hair accessories and sweet bonus points, make people feel love endless.

Japanese flaxen hair color and white hat in contrast, the boy's short hair style and fashionable hat to create a new street fashion hairstyle Oh!

How to get Japanese hair? As long as you can with a few rubber bands to create this hairstyle of Japanese personality, should not tie too tightly, pull my hair fluffy, NBA Caps with any eye-catching hat.

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