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Have you ever noticed it? Attend important occasions,  NFL Caps Dress is necessary, it is imperative to wear high heels, jewelry has somehow put one or two, only the hat is not necessary. From this sense, only the hat, the whole outfit is the real luxury. You counted it? No less than the world's top 50 fashion designers, but can be regarded as only two masters of the hat designer. Yes, what you blurt out a Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy.

Because of the death of Isabella Blow the horses and the related reports, she then found the "Maxima"-Philip Treacy's name ahead of time to be familiar with the general public. In contrast, Stephen Jones hat-class community hall name, and his 25 years working hard on their own accumulated achievements, but some of the outsiders seem rare. Of course, he did not care about the elderly in hot pursuit of aesthetic or the general media coverage of the vacancies. In the lesson of his bright rounded head, turn on the hat are a variety of extreme imagination.

As to who "The waves pushed before," the student Philip Treacy, his qualifications are not shallow, only debut 7 years later than their teachers.

Stephen Jones & Philip Treacy, these two names in the hat industry position, equivalent to Salvatore Ferragamo and Manolo Blahnik is to shoes sector. The two caps so much the life of God to the sub-half hat, as that they regard the life of human talent and passion to focus on the top inch of land, followed by endless exploration and interesting. If there is no Stephen Jones, John Galliano's funny is inevitable to destroy some creative discount, if not Philip Treacy, the wedding of Prince Charles will be overshadowed a bit.  NBA CapsHat they have no personal history of the illustrious show off big, because, as Christine Dior put it: "No hat, no civilized man." And without Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy, London "creative capital" label to less the most important of the two great card.

Who found them?

In Stephen Jones & Philip Treacy's fame on the road, were two of the names of their lives: John Galliano and Isabella Blow. The former is universally known, and the latter's greatest achievement is the contribution to the history of the world of fashion Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy.

Stephen Jones said: "The clothes are an expression of emotion, of course, even extravagant fashion industry also has some advanced functionality. But may not be a hat, so they like the strawberry on the cake. Hats meet a fanciful desire women, but also become a real fashion clothes. "

A rejected John Galliano's Stephen Jones

In 1978, Liverpool came from the British "fashion cradle" - London Central Saint Martins College of Design majoring in tailoring the Stephen Jones proposed class transfer applications to the school, next door to the classroom because of his millinery production at first sight. Open the school agreed to his  Baseball caps request, from the British master of creating a generation of hat.

In 1979, Stephen Jones, 21, has not yet graduated, but has been in London in Covent Garden opened its first dedicated hat shop "Stephen Jones Millinery", side to achieve a variety of abstract ideas of their own, side by virtue of light Beautiful, practical good-looking bonnet, making money, practicing hand. Soon, Stephen Jones was a minor celebrity in London.

But what really makes his fame, or his legendary collaboration with the John Galliano. One night in 1980, graduating Stephen Jones to the club dance, met John Galliano. "Galliano begged me for his graduation show, making hats, first I turned him down. But later, as we all started a cooperation opportunity."

They both did not think that this cooperation is almost 30 years. John Galliano hats love with Stephen Jones of the beautiful imagination of all, they inspired each other, challenge each other. "Although I still often do not understand his design intent, but I told him personally and completely trust his talent. Each season, he was always first brought us into the abyss, let us reach the other side." Stephen Jones with a smile recalls.

"If you feel weak inside, wear the hat of Philip design, as if to hide the umbrella; they do have a moderating effect of emotion, just like us into an atmosphere. Even better, people will respect you three points, you get top priority in the restaurant or even a table, because the hat as if to say 'I am an important figure in'。"-- Isabella Blow

From weddings to funerals Philip life are wearing a hat Isabella Blow

May 7, 2007, Isabella Blow died. The outstanding representatives of fashion editorial world, the golden age of the 48-year-old fashion industry to make a quiet farewell. With her, fox caps only beautiful dreams, and that the top of his head from the hands of Philip Treacy hat.

Turn the clock back several decades, was born in a small village west of Ireland early age of Philip Treacy hat full of love. When he was a small boy, was often a small church in the local linger - not because of his devotion to God, but because it is the wedding place, because there the most beautiful hat.

"When I was a kid, I loved to observe the church wedding scene, for me at the time that a fashion show." Philip Treacy's first work of raw materials, collected in his daily mother reared chicken feathers. After careful tinkering with this top hat and feathers rather aesthetic, Philip gave it to his mother as a Christmas gift.

In 1985, Philip Treacy designed into the National Arts Academy, Dublin. In the same year, he had the honor to become a disciple of Stephen Jones, with his apprenticeship, after six weeks, formally began his career in. In 1988, Philip Treacy into the London Royal Academy of Arts, majoring in hat design, and has since gradually began with famous designers such as Rifat Ozbek.

In 1989, he finally met his elegant Isabella Blow, met a wedding to the funeral from the only horses to wear his design. This legendary design of the future as rookie of the world crazy myth. Because of a chance, Isabella Blow met Philip Treacy's work: a green alligator tooth hat. Subsequently, she boldly asked him on the spot for their wedding hair design: a golden lace crown.

At this point, just graduated from Philip Treacy, in addition to a talent, no capital, no money even to rent. Isabella rented their London Mayfair Belgravia mother's basement, as Philip's studios and dormitories. Since the recognition of the impoverished boy genius, you see in any decisive fashion the London fashion icon Isabella, she always wore a Philip Treacy hat. Show every game, every dinner, and even the funeral of their wedding. Isabella Blow's highly recommended to Lafayette Philip also new light on Karl Lagerfeld, in his debut a few years that got the qualifications of Chanel designer hat, from a meteoric rise, becoming the hottest celebrity hat designer ring.

Lyons Tea and Philip Treacy

Is who they paved the way to the altar of high fashion ladder?

It started with John Galliano's strong cooperation from the school after, and now Stephen Jones has a big show of Dior and Galliano's brilliant design of nearly ten thousand top hat. For the icing on the cake to your own design a good partner, John Galliano is always in the curtain call wearing a Stephen Jones hat, to show gratitude.

From the 80's, Stephen Jones of the "elegant" sequential arrival: 1984, in Anchorage Alaska in the duty-free shops, Stephen Jones coincidence of Rei Kawakubo, the two hit it off - you know, when the latter has shocked the fashion industry in Paris, Who is close to the magic of "Comme des Garçons", will come along to add luster.

This is a turning point in the fate of Stephen Jones met. Rei Kawakubo inviting Stephen Jones held personal exhibitions in Isetan, he suddenly approached Asia, the trend started by the Japanese community concerned, and then Rei Kawakubo and then invited him to Paris for their fashion design hat Zhoutai Xiu - from London hat designer Stephen foot in the door, by the global pursuit. Their cooperation has been happy to continue to this day, July 2009, the two co-brewing for a long time fine: Comme des Garçons x Stephen Jones launched fragrances, elegant black, lace around the packing, really put it down .

This is some mysterious: a hat when you are impressed by the master of the craft and creativity, and he plans to wear a hat after he has done, it is difficult in front of him again, "Lift your head" - when the most noble of human willing to lower down the head just to wear a beautiful hat or the wonderful, this is far better than the conquest of the subconscious to wear a dress, stepped into a pair of shoes.

This is the greatest magic hat, hat our two masters can not talk in the fashion industry's inherent advantages.

In 1987, the godmother of punk Vivienne Westwood Stephen Jones was invited to design their own hat, he boldly marked to show the British crown on the hat, this solemn nature of the British imperial power for teasing the Vivienne Westwood won the heart, but also boarded in 1987 "iD" magazine cover.

Isabella Blow eye also got to explore the Alexander McQueen, in his business was flourishing, but also never forget that even behind the same "origin" of the Philip Treacy. Combining the two cutting-edge, impact can be imagined. To October 1993, when Philip Treacy hat show was first introduced when individuals, in order to join him, and also to get a free super Treacy hat, which ran for supermodel Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, etc. star friendship for him, so that the fashion industry was surprised. Naomi Campbell is naked to the waist, wearing only black gloves, head wear designed by Treacy called "opium dens" hat, so this section hat reputable. Gianni Versace is on the Philip Treacy could not help but love: "If you give him a tiny needle, he can do amazing sculptures to; if you give him an ordinary rose, he also can write a song touching poem. "autumn and winter of this year's Valentino couture show, once again, we see Philip Treacy's impressive performance, when the models are head-fine mist decorative lace Shamao filed out, the wave after wave of applause,Monster Energy caps beautiful yarn will be the first high fashion models dressed in decorated like a saint.
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