New Era Caps
If you ask a Chinese man: "Do you like the green hat?" That is absolutely fist Shihou. But in Vietnam is different: a Vietnamese man if you ask the same question,Baseball caps  you'll get a warm hug and gratitude: "Thank you! I like the cuckold!"

In addition to not wearing them to bed, the other all the time wearing the standard is really incredible.
Different folk customs and China, Vietnam, men like to wear a green hat, white-haired old man, whether or toddler boys, all with cheats. The most common one is the same as the hard shell helmet cap, said to be the product of war.

Vietnam has a green hat like a helmet, this hat is the Vietnamese men's love for things. Master of his hat is a symbol of patriotic love of the hero of the party, and is said hat the darker, that cap the higher the status of the owner or wealth more.
In the night market, a common "Green Hat," about 15 yuan
Many have experienced the war in Vietnam, before the army of men wearing green hats can be well concealed himself. Although the war was gone, but the hat is still followed the "color war."

Yes, the Vietnamese men really like a cuckold. Has been ongoing war in Vietnam is a country, when most of the Vietnamese men had the experience of soldiers, war, it is ultimately the green hat.Perhaps in a miss, perhaps to express a spirit, may be a complex, Vietnamese men Passions in it, although the war has ended, but still see it as a sign of honor is always inherited.

In addition, when President Ho Chi Minh revolution Civil war, is this hard shell hat wearing. Therefore, a cuckold is Vietnamese like to commemorate the great Uncle Ho.
Walk the streets in Vietnam, a shop, you will find the green hat will be occupied a prominent position; both urban and rural, large all men, all wearing cheats *** out of ten.

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